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So, years ago you either purchased a home with a beautiful Arizona flagstone patio or you invested significantly to have your pool deck and patio re-done with it.

Gorgeous stone and within the backdrop of the pool and landscaping, simply the perfect space to relax and entertain family and friends.

Throughout the years your children and their friends, or families and friends were constant visitors just having fun. It’s the happening spot of your property especially during the summer, although here in our Santa Barbara climate it’s really any time of year. How fortunate are we to live here.

Then you start noticing things over time, like grout lippage and/or the erosion of the strata of the stone as evidenced in these SBSM client photos.

Common Damage

Now, “over time” may mean a few years or the cumulative effects of over 10 to 20 years.

Either way, water on sandstone (that’s what Flagstone is) means the erosive effects of water eventually take their toll and more so within a salt water environment.

You may have now determined that the lippage, spalling (chipping and flaking) and deterioration pose a hazard (as in tripping or stumbling), or are just becoming an unsafe platform and frankly plain ugly. And it’s getting worse. So what are your options?

Possible Solutions

In the worst case scenarios you’re most likely looking at re-doing your patio. On the other hand, changing out the most adversely affected slabs and having Santa Barbara Stone Masters re-surface the area and you are back in [worry free] business as the saying goes! Most importantly, once the re-surfacing has been completed and upon adequate drying time, proper sealing will make a huge, yes huge impact on the destructive effects of water damage on a stone that is highly susceptible to erosion and wear.

Our process minimizes dust and creates a resurfaced platform (patio) that’s just about as good as new. We always extract the slurry so as to not allow re-absorption of the particulate and mop to allow for the cleanest surface possible pre-sealer application.

And the results?

Continuity and consistency of surface elevations, no more lippage, no more erosion areas, and at a substantially reduced cost as compared to re-doing the entire patio/decking.

Santa Barbara Stone Masters is here to help. If you have a situation like this or something similar, we are happy to visit and provide a no cost estimate and a list of clients who offered to us to use them as references. It’s what we do. Returning your “happening spot” so you can have more great loving, fun, worry free memories.

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Skip Jankoski

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