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How much do I love Stone Masters? I am jumping for joy right now! I’m house sitting my daughter’s newly remodeled home when I accidentally spilled vinegar on her marble counter, argghhh, creating a terrible etched ring. And to top it off she’s on her way home from vacation today! Eeeeek, thought I was going to have a heart attack! I Googled and called Stone Masters, praying they could help! From my first conversation with Brandee who was so understanding, to Skip who owns this amazing operations (how often do you get the owner any more), to Joe (super nice guy not to mention talented) who did the artful repair work. Stone Masters more than delivered on the promise to save the day! Skip and his team have restored my confidence that there are businesses out there that go above and beyond, saved my relationship with my darling daughter’s home, and did it all for more than a fair price.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I totally and wholeheartedly recommend Stone Masters! You guys rock!!

Shannon Rasmussen

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Stone Masters

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