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Stone Masters Super Heroes

I have been asked to get an article together for our website… it has been too long… and I decided maybe instead to share a little story with everyone.

The office got a call the other day from a hysterical client: “I just spilled vinegar on my daughter’s brand-new Carrera marble kitchen counter and stained it!  I am babysitting, and she comes home tonight!  Can you help me”?  Brandee calmly assured her we would do what we could and a few minutes later had me and our team supervisor at the home.

Upon arriving, she rushed out the door to greet us and as we walked up the walkway I cooed: “ Have no fear…. Santa Barbara Stone Masters is here!”

She laughed and thanked us and told us we should be “wearing capes”.  She needed a hero… not much time and a very badly etched marble counter top.  Thankfully we were able to polish out the etch to better-than- new!  We were her heroes that day before dear daughter’s homecoming and that is who we are and how we go about our work no matter what the situation!

Going above and beyond is our culture… it is just who we are. We work the stone like artists to bring a shine to the stone, and our client’s face.  What makes a great company is more than just the work they do, it is how they go about doing that work.  Fixing that countertop was a small financial gain, but it is one of our favorite moments because of how we were able to impact someone else’s life in such a positive way.

When our supervisor finished polishing, I got a call from the client: “I am jumping up and down!”  It is gratifying to hear and never gets old, “I have never seen anyone go about their job in such a pleasant, professional manner… it is wonderful to witness!”

Marble Counter

Great companies, without fail, have great professionals behind them and our teams are no different.

It’s not only about completing a job when you are running a company where its sole purpose is to bring beauty back into one’s life. It’s about maintaining relationships and a personality that articulates a hero kind of work ethic and a reliable energy.

One of the greatest reasons for our success is that our professionals take so seriously how they go about their work and why that matters. In addition, our teams and our companies know, all our success is about honing and polishing great relationships as well as beautiful stone.  Every day I look forward the kind of ordinary heroism that we all have come to expect in our companies’ employees – a smile that changes someone’s day, going above and beyond to make something just a little bit better… solving a difficult problem with calm assurance.  That, is Santa Barbara Stone Masters.

Skip Jankoski

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