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As I was enjoying my cup of coffee this morning, my eyes wandered across a photograph of my grandchildren in their Halloween costumes and I felt so thankful. I felt thankful for the beautiful photograph my daughter sent me of her kids. I felt thankful for the opportunity to live so close to them, and for the excitement I see in their eyes every time we visit one another. And as I reflected on these things, a fountain of other blessings and memories cascaded into my consciousness and I felt so grateful.

I suppose this is the time of year set aside for gratitude, and perhaps it is a bit corny to publish my reflections about the spirit of the season. But corn is among my favorite Thanksgiving dishes, so I’ll happily serve some to you now! Too often do we allow ourselves to be consumed by that which we ourselves consume. And how ironic is it that the very day after we set time aside to give thanks, we torture ourselves with early morning lines at department stores to be the first to get the next “best thing”? If we are what we eat, then all that turkey has made turkeys out of us!

Meanwhile, those things which bring us the most satisfaction are the ones you can’t wait in line for. They’re the pictures and memories of your beloved family. They are the time we get to spend with our loved ones this holiday season, eating the best food and listening to the best music. They’re good health and good friends and good football on TV (go Pats!).

What are you grateful for? Take a moment this morning as you sip on your coffee and drive into work, before you get distracted by the day’s hustle and bustle, to count your blessings. I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

Skip Jankoski

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