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So you’re a homeowner or property manager in the Santa Barbara area, and you are considering investing in natural stone for your home. You have a sense of what you want in terms of design, but you feel completely lost in terms of where to go to fulfill your dream.

Never fear, faithful reader! Santa Barbara Stone Masters is here to help you find the supplier you are looking for.

We at SBSM have several relationships with natural stone and tile suppliers here in Santa Barbara, and we express complete confidence in our referral of these companies.

Buena Tile

Buena Tile directly imports most of their stone and tile inventory from around the world. Their relationships with manufacturers allows them to not only offer the highest quality product in each category. This also allows them to acquire custom specifications for most of their products.

Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Buena Tile is an excellent solution if you have specific design needs that can’t be compromised. They are knowledgeable about their products and dedicated to helping you make the best decision for your needs. I could not recommend them more highly!

TileCo Tile & Stone

If you aren’t yet sure what you are looking for in your design, and are on the hunt for some inspiration, we love TileCo Tile & Stone. TileCo boasts a showroom with an incredible volume of tile and stone designs which on display to help you in your design process.

They work with factories around the world to create an inventory of state-of-the-art products that are in-stock and extremely competitive in their prices, so you don’t need to wait for weeks to begin your stone project. The staff are friendly and committed to your satisfaction, and we at SBSM have loved our experiences working with them.

Forte Stone

Last on our list, but certainly not least, we recommend Forte Stone. Forte is a family owned company here in Santa Barbara that specializes in granite, marble, travertine and soapstone. They are exceptionally knowledgeable about classic and exotic stone products, and they handpick the highest quality stone from quarries around the world to be shipped to their location here in town.

They work with the contractor or designer of your choice, so you can expect a high degree of synergy in the installation process. If you are in the market for superior quality, elegant stone, absolutely consider Forte Stone!

We at SBSM take our recommendations very seriously. In our many years of serving the Santa Barbara community, we have had excellent experiences with these companies, and truly believe in them.

We hope our recommendations help you find the right supplier for your stone needs, and when the time comes for you to freshen up your stone, we hope you’ll think of us!

Skip Jankoski

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