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Here in this humble blog of mine, I speak all the time about various precautions you should take to preserve your natural stone. And with good reason!

Without diligent care, your beautiful stone surfaces will dull and wear, and soon you’ll have a stained, muddled hunk of rock.

Nobody wants that for your home, we least of all!

So to make it easy, I’ve compiled a cheat sheet of do’s and don’ts in diligent stone care:

The DO’S:

  1. Use a protective surface in preparing all foods – and wipe up any spilled liquids immediately!
  2. ALWAYS use a cutting board!
  3. Use a hot pad if you must station your hot dishes in the kitchen.
  4. Use coasters!
  5. Carry any furniture you need to move, and use felt bottoms to protect your floor from scootching furniture.
  6. Regularly wipe down and mop your stone surfaces and floors.
  7. Use cleaners specifically designed for treating your specific kind of stone!


  1. Prepare foods with citrus juice or vinegars directly on your stone kitchen countertops.
  2. Cut, smash, or grind directly on your kitchen surfaces.
  3. Put a hot pot or pan directly onto your stone countertops.
  4. Set glasses directly on your stone surfaces.
  5. Drag your furniture across your stone floors.
  6. Let dust and dirt build up.
  7. Use any acidic or abrasive cleaning chemicals such as powders or soft cleansers.


We here at Santa Barbara Stone Masters completely understand how overwhelming it can feel to take on the responsibility of caring for natural stone. Do you have any questions, or need some specialized help? Give us a call today!

Skip Jankoski

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