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You’ve always dreamed of living in a home with marble countertops. You’re drawn to the sheer elegance that marble provides, and you’re finally in a place where you can invest in the vision of your home that you’ve had since childhood.

But maybe stark white surfaces don’t go with the rest of your furniture and decor. Perhaps you get so much light into your new house that white marble will all but blind you and your guests in the summer sun.

Never fear- your dream is still within reach.

Classic, white marble is what we think about whenever the word comes up. Great colonnades of fluted columns in ancient Greek temples; sculptures by renaissance masters; a glistening foyer floor in a five-star hotel.

But white marble is only a fraction of what exists in the world. Marble, as it turns out, is actually available in an assortment of colors, each one as beautiful as the next.


If a limestone deposit had more iron or felspar when it transformed into marble, it tends towards red. From Belgium to Verona, deposits of red marble can be found all over Europe.

Bold and provocative, red marble is a daring choice for anybody looking to stand out in their design.


Found in South America and parts of Africa, onyx marbles are precious and rare.


Found in parts of Europe and Africa, yellow marble is ancient, charming and warm.


When a siliceous stone called serpentine mixes with the limestone, it tends towards green. Green marbles are particularly prevalent in quarries from Greece and Spain, and are a great accent tile in your marble floors.


Brown marbles are found virtually anywhere you might find marble, and they provide a true, if understated elegance to any space they decorate.


I love black marble.

Black marbles are found throughout Europe, particularly in Spain, and it brings a deep, rich elegance to any room it adorns.

Now the great news for you – no matter what color marble you have in your home, Santa Barbara Stone Masters can refurbish and restore it.

Give us a call today and let us know what we can do to serve you!


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