You’ve spent the spring renovating your backyard. You’ve planted a new garden, you’ve built up a pergola, and you’ve laid down some gorgeous natural stone pathways and patios.

Summer is here, and you’re finally ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. To your dismay, after just a couple of spring and summer showers, some white, chalky substance has begun coating your stone.

Few things are as discouraging as putting work and research into the perfect stone for your home and watching it tarnish before your eyes.

What gives?

Well, faithful reader, I bear good news!

What you are seeing is called efflorescence. Although it is admittedly a nuisance, its appearance will diminish and end over time, and it is relatively easy to deal with!

Efflorescence is the result of naturally occurring salts in your stone raising to the surface through pores in your stone by way of rain or other moisture.

The salt will settle at the top of the stone while the water evaporates, leaving that hazy white residue you see. The process is completely natural, and what’s better, it in no way damages your stone!


In all but some very serious cases, the pores and capillaries within your stone will naturally begin to seal off as the salt moving through it hardens and crystalizes.

Once that takes place, you won’t see any additional efflorescence.

If you are in a hurry to remove it, water and a stiff brush will typically be sufficient. Efflorescence cleaner does exist, but be cautious and only choose cleaner that is specially made for natural stone.

Anything else can be permanently damaging!


If by the time you clean it the efflorescing process has not completely ended, you may see more pop up now and again. Be patient while your stone settles into its new home, and clean your stone as you see fit.

Before long, it will be back to its original beauty, and you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Skip Jankoski

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