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Is there any natural stone in the world more ubiquitous than marble?

Since the age of antiquity, marble has been a staple of art and architecture. Marble’s status has persisted into the modern age, where it remains highly sought after for everything from home countertops to casino floors.

What is it about marble in particular that has captivated the hearts of the world?


When you think about marble, you’re probably thinking of Carrara marble, the gleaming white marble with stretching, grey veins that you would expect to see traveling through Greece and Rome.

That’s no accident! Carrara marble is named from its city of origin in the Tuscany region of Italy, where it is found in abundance.

Greece and Rome invested in their civic designs, marble was not only the most available stone resource available, but it was the most functional!

That’s because…


As we’ve discussed extensively on this blog, marble is pretty soft relative to other natural stones. It’s softness can present certain maintenance challenges, but it also makes it very easy to cut out of the ground and shape, especially back before we had the convenience of power tools!

And that’s not only true of its use in architecture…


Marble is a captivating material for architecture, and that is doubly true for its use in sculpture. It was the perfect material for artists of antiquity and the Renaissance to sculpt from, and it’s natural softness made curves look natural and delicate.

The pureness of white marble makes it almost glow when illuminated.

As such, art heightened marble’s reputation as a material of beautygrace, and class.


We at Santa Barbara Stone Masters can be hard on marble because of how easy it is to etch or gouge if treated improperly, but the fact of the matter is that marble lasts. Period.

That’s why you can still walk through Greek colonnades erected thousands of years ago, or gaze upon the statue of David looking as impressive as the day he was first sculpted.

When you use marble, you’re investing in a material that will persist!


That’s the bottom line, isn’t it?

At the end of the day, there’s no questioning just how beautiful marble is. Whether you want the classic Carrara marble, or if you’re interested in an impressive exotic color, you know you’re adding a touch elegance to your home.

And Santa Barbara Stone Masters knows exactly how to keep your marble looking pristine!

Do you have some marble that needs some TLC?  Look no further – give us a call today!

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