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If you are at all familiar with our blog, you know that, where it concerns care for the natural stone in your home, we really like to drive one point home: Diligent care.

Diligent care is so important for taking care of your natural stone.

In the absence of it, your stone will etch, spall, and stain, among many other maladies that can occur if you don’t deliberately maintain your surfaces.

For many of you, that might be a deal breaker. You want surfaces that you can install and then leave alone.

You want something that can be beautiful, but without compromising durability and ease of care.

Well, have I got a solution for you!

porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles.

Porcelain is a famously durable material made from dense clay fired up at much higher temperatures than your standard ceramic tile.

With recent advancements in technology, porcelain can be designed to mimic the look and texture of all sorts of other materials such as marble and granite.

It isn’t a perfect likeness, but it’s impressively close.

Compared to natural stones and other clay based solutions, porcelain is incredibly wear resistant.

Its natural density helps keep it from absorbing moisture. They are also significantly more forgiving of acids than something like marble, which is famously susceptible to acid damage.

As such, maintaining your porcelain surfaces is easy.

porcelain tile


Cleaning is a cinch, and takes no special chemicals or supplies to take even your grimiest porcelain surface back to its original luster.

In many cases, you don’t even need to seal your porcelain, a practice by which we swear for almost any other surface.

This makes porcelain tile especially valuable in investment properties.

In a college town like ours, the last thing you as a property manager want to deal with is maintaining and repairing vulnerable surfaces!

While it can be challenging and costly to repair or replace, you can generally expect greater cost savings as well as a reduction in maintenance headaches as a result of just how wear-resistant porcelain is.

porcelain tile

Porcelain is beautiful. It is growing more and more in popularity as homeowners and businesses alike discover its ease of utility!

Do you have porcelain that you’d like tended to, or do you have questions about the right solution for your home?

Give us a call today, Santa Barbara Stone Masters is delighted to help.

Skip Jankoski

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