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Greetings, faithful reader!

Today, I’m excited to speak with you about a service we’ve talked about little, if at all, here on our humble blog.

We’ve covered polishing and honing. We’ve discussed solutions to spalling, fissures, and efflorescence. By and large, if there’s a service you’re curious about, we’ve likely covered it – except for power washing!

Power washing is a unique service for us to discuss because it’s utility isn’t limited to natural stone.Power washing is a great method of cleaning everything from wood to aluminum siding.

But when it comes to stone, power washing isn’t only incredibly useful, it’s roundabout necessary!

It is especially valuable in conjunction with other cleaning methods or alone, when caring for your exterior stone surfaces. These areas often endure a much greater degree of wear and tear than your interior surfaces, which are also much limiting in terms of their accessibility to be power washed.

Here are a few reasons to consider power washing your exterior stone surfaces!

Pressure washing will keep your surfaces looking BRILLIANT!

This is the bottom line, isn’t it?

You’ve invested in natural stone because of its impeccable beauty, but over time, exposure to the elements and constant traffic and use will dull the facade of the stone.

Power washing will not only help get into every nook and cranny of your stone, but it will also help with the process to remove the thin, decaying layer of stone that has dulled under the light of the sun. Power washing alone in some cases sufficient to bring that stone back up to its original beauty!

Pressure washing will keep more permanent damage at bay.

Mold, grime, and mildew have a habit of taking root in the hardest to reach places. Often times, it isn’t sufficient to scrub with a brush, and if left unattended, your stone will be stained or covered in mildew or algae.

This not only looks bad, but it can be a health hazard. Regular power washing of your surfaces gets into the deepest pores of your stone, preventing these offenders from taking root!

Pressure washing is a cost efficient way to clean your stone under some circumstances.

The inherent power of a pressure washer does all of the legwork on pressure washing jobs.Rather than spending hours on one’s hands and knees with a stiff brush and a bucket trying to detail every corner of the stone, one can operate a pressure washer from standing up and operate ten times as quickly without compromising quality.

If you’re dealing with an especially large patio or surface area, this often is an efficient way to clean your stone!

You will want to carefully evaluate the stone’s condition before striking out and using a pressure washer.

Stone with loose grout, flaking or other damage can be damaged further by the high water pressure and there are many stone maintenance needs that cannot be solved by power washing.

Are any of these points striking a chord with you?

Do you have a patio or other stone surfaces that needs a good, thorough cleaning?

We here at Santa Barbara Stone Masters are experts in power washing, and you won’t find anyone better to serve you.

Give us a call today!

Skip Jankoski

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