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Hello and welcome to another installment of our humble blog!

We at Santa Barbara Stone Masters are here to equip you with the information and tools you need to care for and manage your natural stone in the best way possible. 

Now we’ve previously run an overview of what sealers are, how they work, and how you can trust that you’ve selected a quality sealer for your stone. Today, I would like to get a little bit more technical with you about certain types of sealers, namely: acrylic and wax sealers.

Sealers Vary from Stone to Stone

Here’s the thing! Not every sealer is designed for every stone! 

One mistake commonly made is the application of acrylic sealers to marble, travertine, or similar types of beautiful, natural stone. 

The trouble is that acrylic and wax are topical sealers. Meaning, they dry on the surface of whatever you apply them to.

A consequence of this is that they bring to them an unnatural glossiness. Although fitting for concrete and clay tile, this actually runs counter to the inherent sheen that exists with those types of stone.

Furthermore, these topical sealers do not penetrate into the stone, so only a very small portion of the stone is actually protected by this type of sealer!

Some Sealers Work Better for Certain Stone Types

Concrete and clay tiles such as Saltillo or Terracotta have a naturally dull finish, are relatively dense, and contain a smaller diversity of components that make it up.  This makes them perfect recipients of acrylic and wax sealers, since it brings out a beautiful shine and there’s no real benefit to penetrating deep into these kinds of surfaces.

With natural stone, however, you are going to want to protect as deep within the substrate as you can while also preserving its inherent beauty.

For that reason, we insist on using penetrating sealers for these types of jobs. And, when you tap us to do it, you can expect to receive a warranty on your qualified stone for up to 25 years! 

Do you have natural stone that looks a little worse for wear? When was the last time your kitchen and bathroom counters were sealed?

Give us a call today, and we’ll be out to make your stone look as good as the day it was first installed.

Looking for an effective sealer brand? Look no further than Rockstar Sealing Systems! Rockstar boasts various stone sealing and cleaning solutions to meet any need. They are a game changer in the stone sealing industry, and we couldn’t recommend them more highly!

Skip Jankoski

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