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What is the difference between honed vs. polished natural stone? It is a question I regularly hear from our clients trying to decide what finish they want. The difference is actually quite simple, and today I am pleased to put together this article breaking down everything you need to know to decide for yourself!

Honed vs. Polished

The difference between honed and polished finishes on your marble, granite, or other stone surfaces is entirely stylistic! Honed stone will have a matte (read: dull) finish, whereas polished stone will have a glossy (read: shiny) finish. In other words, when we polish your stone, expect the classic shining stone look. When we hone, expect little to no reflectivity. It is as simple as that!

Which is better?

Clients frequently ask what finish I recommend, but it comes down to what your vision is for the final design. What do you want it to look like? That said, you will notice a slight difference in the maintenance needs of the two. 

Because it is dull, etches and minor scratches are less noticeable on honed stone surfaces, so if the upkeep is a concern and you love the look, then a matte finish might be what you want!

Polished stone looks gorgeous, but because of how pristine they tend to look at their best, polished surfaces will show every blemish. If you are excited about having a shiny countertop, prepare to be very diligent with its care!

In either case, I highly encourage using a great sealer to protect your stone’s surface. If you need a place to start, we are proud to recommend the sealers and other stone care solutions from Rockstar Sealing Systems!

The good news is that if you go one way and change your mind, we at Santa Barbara Stone Masters can refinish your stone for you! Do you have natural stone surfaces in need of some TLC? Give us a call today!

Skip Jankoski

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