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Cracks and divots are among the most common types of damage for which our clients seek natural stone repair. They are a frustrating problem to encounter as a stone owner, as they are both obvious and structurally problematic. Because natural stone features can be so expensive, people naturally hope for a solution besides completely replacing the stone. Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix for cracks and divots. If you want to maintain the natural stone design, you will need to replace the broken stone.

Allow me to explain. While it is possible to fill a crack in your stone with resin or epoxy, that filling doesn’t repair the natural stone. Instead, the fill acts more like a bandaid meant to conceal the damage, but it cannot prevent the damage from worsening. Over time, your use of the stone, changes in temperature and humidity, and other variables will cause the crack to worsen.

Even if You Fill a Crack in Natural Stone, You Will Always See a Difference

Additionally, you will always notice a visual difference. When we perform a fill on a crack, we do our best to match the color and texture of the surrounding stone. We can do a great job! Unfortunately, the stone’s natural color and texture can be so intricate that we can only get so close. You will still notice a difference, and the repair will be apparent.

Many people don’t mind. If you are among them, a resin fill is a relatively affordable way to stall on replacing the surface until you can save up for a replacement. But some want it to appear new, and I’m sorry to say that it is an unrealistic expectation.

If you currently own cracked natural stone and you are interested in a resin fill, give us a call. If you need recommendations for where in Santa Barbara you can source a replacement surface, shoot us an email. We’d be happy to help!

Skip Jankoski

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