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At Santa Barbara Stone Masters, we understand the beauty and value that natural stone surfaces can bring to any home or business. Whether it’s marble countertops, Saltillo tile flooring, or anything else, natural stone adds a touch of elegance to any space. Unfortunately, natural stone surfaces are also vulnerable to damage from water, oil, stains, and more. That’s why we proudly recommend Rockstar Sealing Systems to our clients.

Rockstar Sealing Systems offers a range of high-performance sealers and stone maintenance solutions that help protect and maintain the beauty of your natural stone surfaces. Here are a few popular products Rockstar offers:

Green Star Sealer 

Green Star Sealer is an easy-to-use, ready-to-apply water-based penetrating sealer that offers thorough protection for natural stone, concrete, terracotta, and more! Green Star boasts a lower VOC content than many conventional penetrating sealers on the market today. That makes it the sustainable choice for anyone looking for eco-friendly solutions to their stone-sealing needs.

Dense Stone Sealer

Rockstar’s Dense Stone Sealer is a solvent-based penetrating sealer designed for hard-to-permeate stone and tile, including granite, bluestone, porcelain, polished concrete, and more. It is rapid curing and UV-stable, and it is the best solution for protecting your dense stone surfaces. As with Rockstar’s other excellent stone sealers, you can expect a high level of oil and water repellency without inhibiting a stone’s water-vapor permeability or changing its surface appearance! So what’s the difference? Dense Stone Sealer was designed with dense stone in mind! So it boasts unparalleled penetration of even the densest substrates.

Neutral Cleaner

One of the biggest mistakes people make is cleaning stone surfaces with acidic cleaners. Acid can dissolve stone; popular soft stones like polished marble are especially vulnerable! And while your run-of-the-mill all-purpose cleaner isn’t going to eat a hole through a marble countertop, it will cause etching, which is an eyesore and a headache to remedy.

Neutral Cleaner from Rockstar is PH-neutral and safe for use on all surfaces. It is the ideal cleaning solution for maintaining sealed natural stone, concrete, terrazzo, glazed ceramic, and more!

With Rockstar Sealing Systems, you can enjoy the beauty of your natural stone surfaces without worrying about stains and discoloration. So if you’re looking to protect your natural stone surfaces, we couldn’t recommend them more! Visit their website to learn more, and use the coupon code “skip10” for 10% off your first order!

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