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Santa Barbara Stone Masters

I have been an interior designer for nearly 25 years and I can say unequivocally that Skip and his crew are the most professional and knowledgeable ever encountered by me. Skip bid my job to clean and seal marble in my kitchen in a timely manner, came to the job site at the beginning of the job to be sure the crew and I knew what the completed project would look like, and followed up as soon as the job was done. His two crew guys were professional and thorough in their work. Skip came to the house after the job was completed and did not like the way one tiny spot looked. I could barely notice it but he did. He then assured me that he would personally come out to remedy it. True to his word, I got a call from his scheduling office with a date and time to do just that. Additionally, his office is responsive and thorough. You'll be incredibly happy with Skip, his crews, and his knowledge of stone cleaning and preservation. I highly recommend him.

Eileen Thornton Caris, E.T.C. Designs - Santa Barbara



Excellent service.

Five-Star Rated

Good job, Stone Master!

Professional, courteous and economical.

Going The Extra Mile