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Santa Barbara Stone Masters is excited to announce its restoration services are now complemented with the artistry of faux treatments by Karina Sanchez.  Faux painting or faux finishing are terms used to describe decorative paint finishes that replicate the appearance of materials such as marble, wood or stone at a much lower cost to the client and the environment.  This dynamic, custom and proprietary artwork is a unique way to add the richness of wood, marble or other specialty materials to your space.  Faux wood and marble among other specialty faux treatments, done well, mimic the real thing with a distinctive appeal and we challenge you to pick the real from the fake.

For years now Santa Barbara Stone Masters has been Santa Barbara’s go to company for natural stone restoration including cleaning, sealing, polishing and honing all your natural stone.  Now, with the addition of Karina to our team, we offer a complement to our other services by offering faux treatments.

The Process

The process of these treatments vary dependent on the texture and type desired.  Some faux treatments such as Venetian plaster or linen weaving have a relatively straightforward approach. For more complicated treatments, such as marble or wood, there is not really a consistent process due to the many types of marble and wood. For all textures, we come to you and evaluate your desired treatment and outcome, go over carefully your expectations including color, size, use and the location of the piece and finally create your unique proposal for the work.  Some of the work can be done at our shop, some will be done onsite where the piece will live.

Services Provided

We offer a wide range of faux techniques that can be applied to almost any surface. This includes color washes, linen weaves, old world color washing/tea staining, Venetian plaster, metal textures and patinas, as well as a large variety of weather effects in addition to our services that include the intricate stylings of faux wood, marble and trompe l’oeil techniques.

These treatments can mimic an enormous range of natural and manufactured textures and shapes and produce a vibrant, matchless and custom piece of art that you will value for years to come.

Examples of Faux Treatments

What can you faux?

Marble columns and fire places, cabinets and doors, counters, floors, walls… you name it, we can probably mimic the original material and create a dynamic piece of art to enjoy and that likely will become the conversation piece of the space.

A Little about Marble

Carrera marble, Statuary and Calcutta marbles are all sourced from Italy.
Beginning from Carrera → Calcutta, there is an increase in both veining and color. Carrera marble is considered to be the purest and most simple form of marble, while Calcutta has the typical vein-like forms and color that can be found in marble

These basic types can help when deciding the kind of marble desired in a faux treatment process. Though these are not the only forms and colors of marble in existence, they can help you visualize the look you desire.

The closer to the Carrera marble type, the less complicated the process. The closer towards Calcutta marble the more intricate the process.

A Little about Wood

Wood varies in its complexity by color, graining, texture and much more.

Wood commonly decreases in value when it is in lesser demand and in higher quantity, and increases in value when it is in lesser quantity. Trees that are hard to find such as African Blackwood or Amazon Rosewood, or only exist in a single location increase in value.

Faux wood treatments can be used for projects such as cabinets, walls, doors and floors. The intricacy of the wood’s detail and size of the area to treat will determine the time needed to complete the project.  One of the benefits of wood faux treatments is the positive impact on the environment, but yet you can have the same beautiful outcome.

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