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Santa Barbara Stone Masters is the exclusive dealer and certified installer for Santa Barbara County, Ojai and parts of Northern Ventura County

We get it – you love the look of your natural stone surfaces but had no idea how frustrating their maintenance would be.

 TuffSkin Surface Protection can help.

Tuffskin is the only sealer that prevents etches and stains on your marble, travertine, and similar calcium-based natural stone surfaces.

Unlike liquid sealers, Tuffskin is a thin polyester film that adheres to the surface of your stone – without diminishing the way it looks and feels.

• Thinner than a smartphone’s screen protector, this high-tech film is both liquid impermeable and gas permeable, which means liquids will not touch your stone, but it can still breathe.

• Liquid sealers don’t prevent acidic liquids from touching your stone’s surface – Tuffskin does.

• Tuffskin is designed to adhere to stone surfaces, and its innovative hard coat technology even resists scratches.

Owning sensitive stone surfaces doesn’t have to be a headache! With Tuffskin Surface Protection, you can relax knowing that no matter the drip, leak, or spill, your natural stone will not etch.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your surfaces are protected – call Santa Barbara Stone Masters today!

TuffSkin Surface Protection is warrantied to be acid, alkaline, water and oil-proof for a period of 10 years from the date of installation for any interior residential, commercial or hospitality associated environments.

Our results speak for themselves!

Why does natural stone etch & stain?

When an acidic liquid touches stone, it essentially dissolves its surface, causing blemishes that we call etches and stains. The only way to prevent these blemishes is by stoping the acid from touching the stone's surface. While many traditional sealers are water-and-oil-resistant, that resistance only stalls liquids from seeping into a stone's pores. They do not prevent contact with your stone's surface.

What is TuffSkin?

TuffSkin is a proprietary structural sealer made from high-tech polyester that is gas permeable but liquid impermeable - liquids cannot touch your stone's surface, but your stone can still breathe.

What are the benefits of TuffSkin?

TuffSkin Surface Protection achieves what traditional stone sealers never have: Preventing etching and staining! Thinner than a smartphone's screen protector, TuffSkin preserves the look and feel of your stone - you won't even notice it's there. Using an adhesive designed for use on stone, Tuffskin will not slip or peel. TuffSkin's hard coat technology even resists scratching and provides a long product life. Whether you are a homeowner with newly installed kitchen counters, or a hospitality professional managing a property with marble surfaces, TuffSkin delivers the protection you need.

Why does TuffSkin Protect?

Unlike traditional sealers, which are typically water-and-oil-resistant,TuffSkin is completely liquid-impermeable - damaging liquids will not touch your stone's surface! Because TuffSkin is gas permeable, your stone will still "breathe," which is critical to its well-being.

With proper care, TuffSkin will serve you well for years.


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Design Corner

Many designers have abandoned the use of Marble because of maintenance problems. TuffSkin has solved this age old challenge. Design again with the client’s desires for beautiful natural stone, even in the hospitality industry.

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Let us preserve your stone’s beauty

What’s set in stone? Maybe anything you’ve spilled, splattered or simply set down on your exotic stone countertops, tables, bars and vanities. Because damage like etching and staining can stop your stone from looking its best, let TuffSkin of Santa Barbara protect it for good!