Keeping your natural stone and tile looking pristine takes a combination of diligent care, routine upkeep, and high-quality sealing. Understanding how to avoid common mistakes that will damage your stone comes first, and you can learn how in our media library. In support of that, regular cleaning with safe and effective cleaners and tools will go a long way to preserving the life of your natural stone.

And sealing your natural stone with the right high-quality sealer will go the extra mile to protect your natural stone. Or, even better, invest in TuffSkin Surface Protect, a game-changing surface sealer that prevents etching and scratching without changing the look or feel of your stone.

Penetrating Sealers

High-quality penetrating sealers are oil and water repellents, which means they help protect natural stone like marble and granite from oil and water damage. They will not stop acidic liquids like wine and vinegar from etching your stone, however. We at Santa Barbara Stone Masters are accredited applicators of Dry Treat Surface Protect! When applied by an accredited applicator like us, Dry Treat sealers will give your stone water and oil repellency for up to twenty-five years, oftentimes with a warranty! To learn more about how penetrating sealers protect your stone, check out this video.


Topical Sealers

Got saltillo tile, terra cotta, or something similar? You’ll want a topical sealer. The material composition of clay-based tile is very different from natural stone, so it is critical to use the right kind of sealer for the job. A great topical sealer will protect your tile and enhance its glazed finish.


Tuffskin Surface Protect

Tuffskin Surface Protect is a groundbreaking structural sealer product that protects your natural stone from stains, etches, water, and oil. Made of a thin, gas-permeable film, Tuffskin protects your stone surfaces from liquids while still allowing it to breathe – all without changing the look or feel of your natural stone. With Tuffskin, you can rest easy knowing that your countertops are protected, warrantied for 10-years on indoor applications. Learn more about Tuffskin here!

We want you to get the most out of your gorgeous natural stone. Choosing the proper protection is the best way to do that. Give us a call today to discuss the best way to protect your natural stone!