Few things feel worse than when your beautiful, expensive natural stone takes injury. Did your countertop chip when you dropped your hot cast-iron skillet? Or etch when a friend spilled a bit of wine? Perhaps you inherited a feature that the previous owner abused.

From minor wounds like etches, scratches, and stains to significant reparations on cracks, chips, and grout, we at Santa Barbara Stone Masters are experts at making your natural stone look as good as new.

Etches, scratches, and stains

It can feel so deflating to discover how easy stone can take on unwanted marks. The natural stone industry does a poor job of educating buyers on the best ways of protecting and maintaining natural stone. So if you’re fed up with the stains and etches caused by accidental spills, or if you can no longer bear to see the hairline scratch where your heavy pot slid across the surface – we can help!


Cracks, chips, and more

Sometimes, we have bad luck. Maybe your stone was installed poorly and cracked under some weight. Maybe something dropped and chipped the edge of your counter or left a pock-mark in your tile. Whatever it is, you hope a solution exists that isn’t just replacing the beautiful and expensive stone feature. I bet we have an easier solution for you.

We at Santa Barbara Stone Masters can get your natural stone looking like new again. Are you fed up with the marks and blemishes diminishing the look of your natural stone? Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.