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Few things feel worse than when your beautiful, expensive natural stone takes injury. Did your countertop scratch when you dropped your hot cast-iron skillet? Or etch when a friend spilled a bit of wine? Perhaps you inherited a feature that the previous owner abused.

Everything from minor repairs to aesthetic restorations, we solve most frustrating imperfections like etches, scratches, stains, and more


Sometimes tasks that seem simple in theory are risky in practice. Natural stone can be soft and sensitive and is vulnerable to acids and other corrosive chemicals. Cleaning your stone without knowing how could cause damage! Don’t chance it. Whether your stone needs a deep clean or you are in the market for something more routine, Santa Barbara Stone Masters does it right the first time.


Honing and Polishing

Is the finish on your natural stone meeting your expectations? Perhaps your marble countertops are dull when you expected “shiny.” Maybe you are fed up with the upkeep demanded by polished stone and prefer the ease of a more natural-looking honed finish. Whatever your hopes are for the look of your stone, be it marble, granite, or even concrete, we can achieve it!


Color Enhancement

Want a deeper black in your slate floor? Wish the veining in your marble was more pronounced? Perhaps you’re unhappy with the tone of your Saltillo tile, or you want to stain your concrete floors. Santa Barbara Stone Masters can help with color enhancement services that elevate the spaces you love.

We would love to serve you in the revival of your natural stone and tile. Give us a call today to set up a consultation of your needs!